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Strategy for Denmark's

Tech diplomacy


For Denmark, it is critical that technological development supports and upholds democratic values, human rights and the integrity of our societal model. Technology should contribute to better, freer and more meaningful lives and assist humanity in solving the shared global challenges of the 21st century, especially the climate crisis.

Jeppe Kofod Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2021


A responsible, democratic and secure technological future that delivers solutions to the world's greatest challenges

our tech diplomacy is conducted globally through six defined roles

The Tech Ambassador has a global mandate and is supported by a team based in Silicon Valley, Copenhagen and Beijing.

  • Representative of the Danish Government and central administration in relation to the global tech industry, with a focus on accountable and critical dialogue

  • Advisor who collects and brings home knowledge about technological developments, supports innovation and ensures technology issues remain high on the foreign and security policy agenda

  • Convener and coalition builder with global stakeholders, including other countries, companies, business organisations, multilateral organisations and civil society

  • Contributor of expertise and insight to the Danish public debate on technological development and the influence of the tech industry

  • Policy Developer who, through collection of knowledge and international perspectives on technological development, contributes to Danish solutions to global challenges

  • Global Champion who brings attention to Denmark as a digital pioneer and contributes to Danish tech exports and foreign investment in Denmark